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Carers support

The Carers Support Offer describes different types of support that may be helpful to you in helping you to look after your own health and wellbeing and have the support you need to continue in your caring role.  Different types of support that are available include:

  • Information, advice and advocacy
  • Training
  • The Emergency Plan Scheme
  • Health and wellbeing support
  • Emotional support
  • Social activities
  • Financial support
  • Information on how to access different types of breaks from caring. 

Carer breaks 

A break from caring as well as other types of support can be an important tool to support you in your caring role.  The type of break that may suit you will depend on your own needs and circumstances as well as those of the person that you are caring for.

There are different ways that you may be able to access a break following the outcome of a carers assessment.  These include:

Carers Personal Budget

Following an assessment, some carers may be eligible for their own personal budget.  A personal budget can be used to pay towards a variety of activities which may give you a break from your caring role and to help you to maintain and improve your own health and wellbeing.

People requiring care and support personal budget - respite services

We can provide respite services for adults requiring care and support such as residential care, day services and sitting services which can help support carers to have a break and to help support them in their caring role. In order to access these types of breaks. we'll need to assess the person requiring care and support and will through discussion with them and their carer consider how best their personal budget can meet their respite needs e.

  • Arranging for the adult needing care and support to go out for an activity that they enjoy with a personal assistant so the carer can have a break
  • Arranging a residential care stay to provide the carer with a break (this may be through the personal budget or the respite vouchers)
  • Arranging for a personal assistant to support the adult needing care and support at home whilst the carer takes a break

A financial assessment will be completed to see if the adult needing care and support can contribute towards the cost of their care services.

Shared lives short breaks

For some people living at home with their families accessing the shared lives short breaks may be a suitable way of having a break.  The person needing care and support will stay at the shared lives carers home so that the family carer can have a short break. To use the shared lives scheme we will assess the person requiring care and support and will through discussion with them and their carer consider if the shared lives scheme would be appropriate for them.  

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