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Shared Lives

Shared Lives matches an adult who has care needs with an approved Shared Lives carer. Shared Lives can be set up to provide day support, respite care, kinship, short term or long term care. 

What is Shared Lives?

These carers share their family and community life, and give care and support to the adult with care needs. Some people live with their Shared Lives carer, while others might be daytime visitors or stay for shorter periods of time.

Find out more

There are two ways you can find out if a Shared Lives arrangement would suit you.

  1. If you know anyone who would benefit from the scheme or who would like to be a Shared Lives carer, or for more information, please contact Social Care Direct by email or phone 020 8359 5000. 
  2. If you already have a care plan and a social worker. Speak to your social worker. As part of your social care assessment you can consider Shared Lives as one of your options. 

Background information

Shared Lives scheme for Barnet is managed by Harrow Council but you should speak to us first about an assessment.

Carers are carefully vetted and trained, and the scheme is monitored by the Care Quality Commission to ensure the highest level of care in people’s homes.

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