Equipment to help you at home

There's a range of specially designed equipment available to help you live independently, if you (or someone you care for) find it hard to carry out every day tasks without support. 

Types of equipment available

  • bed levers, pillow lifts, mattress lifters to help you get in and out of bed safely
  • specialist chairs
  • grab rails, raised toilet seats, commodes
  • hearing impairment equipment such as amplified doorbells and phones
  • visual impairment equipment such as talking clocks, large-button phones
  • standing and mobile hoists
  • kitchen equipment
  • bath boards, seats
  • telecare equipment such as heat detectors, voice alert, flood detectors

Buy equipment

Buy equipment yourself, or with funding from the council if you qualify for support. 

Equipment from Barnet Council

To qualify for equipment and support from us, you'll need an assessment. 

Speak to your allocated occupational therapist or social worker who will carry out an occupational therapy assessment.

If you don't have allocated occupational therapist or social worker, contact Social Care Direct on 020 8359 5000.

You can get equipment from us in two ways:

1. Prescriptions (for equipment costs less than £100)

If your equipment costs less than £100 you'll be given a prescription. Take the prescription to one of the local accredited equipment suppliers who will be able to provide the equipment free of charge. 

The supplier will have trained staff who'll be able to demonstrate the equipment and give any information, help or advice that you need.

If you decide that you would like the item you have been prescribed in a different brand or colour, you'll need to pay the difference in cost. You'll own the equipment that's been prescribed to you.

2. Medequip (for equipment costs more than £100)

If your equipment costs more than £100, we'll arrange for the equipment to be delivered to you through Medequip.

Equipment issued to you through Medequip is on a loan basis and therefore must be returned once you have no further use of it. 

When you've finished with the equipment

If you no longer need equipment you've been prescribed, you may be able to recycle it at the Summers Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre.

If you've been provided with equipment through Medequip you must return it. To arrange a collection for equipment, please call Medequip, Tel: 020 8438 2920.

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