Short term support

If you are facing some difficulties and don't know where to turn, OUTREACH Barnet can give you the advice, support and assistance you need to point you in the right direction.

OUTREACH Barnet is a floating support service that works with individuals who have housing-related support needs. It is offered on a short-term basis.

The service is funded by Barnet Council and is free of charge to people living in Barnet.

'Floating support' explained

Floating support helps individuals maintain their accommodation by offering a range of housing-related support which promotes independence and empowerment.

We use a key work approach with regular support planning and review sessions to assist you to develop life skills and links with other agencies in the community.

There's also a specialist Mental Health component of the service that supports people within an in-patient mental health settings and hospitals, and patients in recovery centres.

Who is eligible

The service is available to people aged 16 and over who are vulnerable and are a resident in Barnet. This includes:

  • carers (unpaid)
  • people with mental health problems
  • learning difficulties
  • physical or sensory disabilities
  • alcohol or drug problems
  • people who are homeless
  • refugees
  • at risk of offending or young person at risk
  • teenage parent
  • parent of family with childcare difficulties

It also includes people who own their own homes but are in need of housing related support, people who fund their own rent, people in social housing or people who receive support with their housing through the Council or Barnet Homes.

What type of support is offered

Outreach Barnet provides a range of support tailored to the needs of the individual. The support lets people develop skills and confidence, build social networks, contribute to their communities and link into local services.

The support offered through this service includes:

  • advice, advocate and provide liaison with other agencies - including landlords, social services and care agencies, medical services
  • advice and support regarding housing repairs and maintenance issues
  • practical and/or emotional support in dealing with everyday matters
  • help to access employment, training or education
  • help with accessing and maximising welfare benefits
  • advice in reducing debts and managing rent arrears
  • advice with budgeting and dealing with utility bills
  • advice in accessing alternative housing
  • resettlement advice when moving to a new home, including getting furniture
  • help to access culturally specific services
  • help to improve confidence and self-esteem

In addition, we work with council and housing association sheltered tenants where it is shown there are definite support needs over and above what the sheltered scheme manager is able to deal with.

Once a referral is received and accepted, a named support worker will visit you on a regular basis to help resolve any issues that may be causing you concern. Visits may be weekly or at other intervals as agreed with you.

How long does the service last?

Most support is provided on a short-term basis, on average for a four month period. In some cases support will be shorter or longer, depending on your need.

The specialist mental health component of the service that supports people within in-patient mental health settings and hospitals and patients in recovery centres will be provided with intensive support for up 9 months.

Whether you are supported by the generic service or the specialist mental health component, your key worker will work closely with you to complete all the tasks necessary to help you achieve your goals within the timescales.  However if you need more time to achieve your goals an extension to your support will be considered.

If you have left the service, but later you find you need some support service, you can go back to Outreach Barnet for support by completing a self referral form. 

How to access the service

To get short-term support from OUTREACH Barnet you must be referred.

If you'd like to make a self referral, you will need to complete a self referral form or if you're an agency looking to make a referral for a client you must complete an agency referral form

If you have any further enquiries, please contact OUTREACH Barnet on 020 3115 1185 (Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm). 


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