Coronavirus (Covid-19) Sustainability Impact Fund for Voluntary and Community Organisations

The Covid-19 Sustainability Impact Fund is to provide support to voluntary and community organisations whose sustainability has been threatened by Covid-19.

The £50,000 programme offers grants of up to £5,000 to organisations facing a threat to their survival through loss of income, due to the pandemic.

Who can apply

Voluntary and community groups whose work focuses exclusively or predominantly on supporting residents in the London of Barnet. Residents you work with can be elderly, vulnerable adults, children and young people.

Your group could be a:

  • Registered charity
  • Charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)
  • Community Interest Company limited by guarantee
  • Company limited by guarantee
  • Constituted community group
  • Constituted but unincorporated club or association
  • Community Benefit Society

Individuals and businesses are not eligible to apply.

How to apply

Applications are now closed

    Key dates

    • applications open Thursday 30 April 
    • application deadline Thursday 14 May at 11:59pm

    We will aim to communicate decisions within 2 weeks of the application deadline.

    Decision making process

    All applications will be assessed and determined by a panel of officers drawn from the council’s relevant service areas. In the event of over-subscription, it is possible that not every application will be successful. All decisions on whether to give a grant, and how much, are final.

    How we will decide

    Our decisions will be based on the:

    • impact on the residents of Barnet and benefits to the local community
    • financial need of the organisation – priority will be given to those organisations for which a grant of up to £5,000 will, make a material difference to its sustainability
    • securing continued existence of organisations whose financial sustainability has been impacted by Covid-19
    • alignment with the Council’s corporate plan and priorities.

    In distributing funding, we will aim to:

    • be inclusive, taking account of the diversity of the sector and our borough
    • meet the needs of our most vulnerable residents.

    How payments will be made

    All grant payments are credited to an organisation’s bank account via the Bankers Automated Clearing Scheme (BACS).  

    Monitoring and evaluation requirements

    A written summary of how the funds were used and the impact on your organisational sustainability will be required.


    Please contact for any enquiries.

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