Parks and open spaces service updates (COVID-19)

Please check this page regularly for update on Barnet’s parks and open spaces

Re-opening of playgrounds and outdoor gyms

We apologise for the delay in re-opening outdoor gyms and playgrounds, we are undertaking thorough cleaning and safety checks.

Guidance when using these facilities:

Open Spaces

From Wednesday 13 May 2020, new measures will be in place for the safe use of parks and open spaces.

Visitors must continue to social distance but can now:

  • Use parks and open spaces for reasons other than exercise; and be outside for longer than one hour
  • Do recreational activities like read, picnic, or sunbathe
  • Use sports facilities including tennis courts, basketball courts and skateboarding ramps
  • Socialise with one person from another household

Facilities that will remain closed for the foreseeable future include:

  • Public toilets

Parks and open spaces page


The parks and open spaces are being patrolled by Barnet Council and the Police. The Police have been granted the powers to take enforcement action against individuals not complying with the social distancing regulations. In such cases, the Police may take actions such as instructing people to go home or disperse from and area or issue a fixed penalty notice fine. Further details.  

If you witness any breaches in social distancing please report it online or via 101


It is important that our parks and open spaces remain accessible for daily public exercise, as such we will be surveying trees in parks in consideration of public safety.

Any associated tree work will be undertaken in partnership with tree contractors. This will also include co-ordinating any emergency tree works which are required.

Social distancing will be strictly adhered to by Tree Officers and Contractors.

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