Barnet Childminding Team

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North London Business Park
Oakleigh Road South
N11 1NP


020 8359 7611

Barnet Childminding Team is part of Barnet's Children's Service. All registered Childminders in Barnet are offered support from their Childminding Quality and Support Officer (CQSO). The CQSO is there to empower Childminders through help, advice and guidance, seeking to support them to provide a high quality service for children and their families. The CQSO will also signpost Childminders to appropriate training opportunities. We also run Barnet Quality Assurance scheme (BQAS), which enables Childminders to demonstrate and be acknowledged when they are offering above and beyond high quality practice in all aspects of their service.

Further Information

Any Childminder seeking advice or help should contact The Childminding Team on 020 8359 7611. We can also offer advice to parents who have questions about the service a Childminder can offer. If you are interested in looking into becoming a registered Childminder we offer regular Childminding Information Sessions where you can come and find out more about this exciting career. Contact FIS - 0800 389 8312 for details of venues and to book onto Childminding Information Sessions.




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