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Mill Hill Depot
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020 8359 5014

As of 30th June 2019, Barnet Community Transport has ceased providing minibus services due to the reinterpretation of EU Reg 1071 / 2009 Article 1.4 (b) which was adopted into UK law by the Department for Transport in March 2019. 

This Regulation reclassifies minibus transport provided by 'not for profit' charities like BCT, using Section 19 Permits, as 'commercial' and therefore subject to the same Operators Licence requirements as a large bus or coach company, (the costs of the changes involved are prohibitive and cannot be generated from the 'at cost' services provided for our Members).

The Trustees feel, despite the Statutory Instrument becoming law, that there is a clear distinction between a Charity providing transport based on the needs of Members of the local community we serve, and a commercial company which has a primary purpoe of generating sufficient profits for private shareholders.

As all staff have been made redundant the phone lines will no longer be staffed and the address will be monitored on an infrequent basis during the closure phase.

There are still a number of options available for Members requiring transport, the following organisations may be able to help:

Dial-a-Ride, Tel 0343 222 7777

TaxiCard 020 7934 9791

Barbara Bus Fund 0208 416 0733

and some local CT’s

Brent 0203 114 7022

Harrow 020 8427 6619

Hertsmere 0208 207 5055


Annual membership (inclusive of VAT) varies from £10 for individuals to £78 for statutory agencies.




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