Annual Canvass

By law, the Electoral Registration Officer is required to undertake an Annual Canvass of all households in the borough every year to check that the information on the electoral register is as accurate and up to date as possible. It is a legal requirement for residents to confirm details relating to their property.

Look out for your Household Enquiry Form

We are starting the Annual Canvass for 2019 to update the Register of Electors in late July.

A Household Enquiry Form (HEF) will be sent to every property in the borough with the details of residents currently registered to vote at the property.  Anyone in the household can respond to the Household Enquiry Form, but all properties must reply as soon as possible, even if there are no changes to be made.  

If you do not respond to the form we must send you a reminder and then make a personal visit to your property to confirm that we have all the information that we require. Please help us to save time and money by responding to this form as quickly as possible.

This form is not a registration form but residents do need to complete it.  The household enquiry form is used to let Barnet Electoral Services know who resides at a property and should be registered to vote.  Householders are required by law to provide the required information or a fine can be imposed (£1,000).

The Household Enquiry Form allows residents to inform the electoral services office about:

  • electors who are no longer live in the property
  • new residents at the address
  • people who will become 18 the following year
  • any corrections or changes needed to resident’s details

The aim of the form is to ensure that the electoral register is up to date and to identify any residents who are not registered so that they can be encouraged to do so.

A separate Invitation to Register form will then be sent to any new residents who are eligible and need to register.

Following completion of the HEF, anyone that needs to register can also go online at:

It is particularly important that anyone who has moved address recently looks out for the form and checks whether they are registered.

How to complete the Household Enquiry Form:

Completing the household enquiry forms using our automated services:

Please check the names of the people printed on the household enquiry form who are currently registered to vote at this address.  If no-one is currently registered, the form will be blank.

If there are NO CHANGES and the details are correct, you can confirm this to us by using one of the options in the Green Box.

You will need your two unique security codes provided on the letter to use the automated services.  

You do not need to return the form if you have confirmed using one of the automated options.

If there are CHANGES to be made (for example details need to be amended, someone needs to be added or removed, then you can either use the option in the Red Box or return the form by post.

Individual registration form

If you tell us there are new people eligible to be registered, we will send each person an Invitation To Register (ITR) form.  This form invites that person to apply to register to vote.  Individual registration forms ask you to give your date of birth and National Insurance number.  Alternatively, you can register online by visiting

Need any more help or advice?

Please read all of the information included with the Household Enquiry Form. If you still need advice, please contact Electoral Services on email or phone 020 8359 5577.

Why you should register

The Register of Electors is often used to confirm an individual's address, especially if they are applying for credit such as a mortgage, personal loan or even a mobile phone. If you are not registered you will lose your right to vote at the time of an election.

Who can be included on the register?

You need to be included on the register if you are:

  • aged 18 and over
  • a British, Irish, European or qualifying Commonwealth citizen (see list of eligible nationalities)
  • a 16- or 17-year-old
  • living in the London Borough of Barnet.

I have recently registered?

You must still respond to this form, even if you have recently registered online. We need to check whether anyone else lives at your address. Please add your name if it does not appear on the form.

Do I need to respond if all details on the form are correct?

Yes. Even if there are no changes, please respond. It takes a few minutes and saves us from contacting you again.

What do I do if the house is empty?

You still need to respond. If no one is listed on the form, please:

• Call free on 0800 975 8341 or

• Visiting


If someone’s details are on the form, but the property is now empty – you can either:

• Visit (you will need the security code from your form) or

• Tick the property is empty box (in the “no one at address is eligible” section), sign the form and return it in the envelope provided.

This house is occupied by Students

Students can register both at their home address and university address. Students are entitled to vote at local government elections at home and in Barnet. However, they are only able to vote once at a national election, so they can choose where to vote, either in Barnet or at their home address.

Please add the names of any students who wish to register in Barnet. If all students are registered at home, and do not wish to register in Barnet, tick the “Other Reason” box (in the “no one at address is eligible” section) and state “Student Accommodation, all students registered at home address”.

You can respond by going online at and following the instructions; you will need the security code from your form to do this. Otherwise, complete the form and send it back in the envelope provided (no stamp needed).

Am I eligible to register?

You can register if:

• you are British, Irish, a European Union citizen or a Commonwealth citizen who has leave to remain in the UK or does not require leave to remain in the UK

• you live at the property

• you are aged 16 and over (however you will not be able to vote until you are 18)

If you meet all the requirements above then you are eligible to register. Please go online at (you will need the security code from your form) or complete the form, sign it and post it back in the envelope provided. If you do not meet all the requirements above then you are not eligible to register, however you are still required to respond. Visit (you will need the security code from your form) or complete the ‘no one at address is eligible’ section on the form, sign it and post it back in the envelope provided.

My form has the previous occupiers details listed

Please cross out the name(s) of anyone that no longer lives at your property. Once you inform us people have moved out we can start the process of removing them. Please add the name of any person who should be registered at your property. The quickest way to amend your details is by going online at Follow the instructions - you will need the security code from your form to do this. You can also make changes to the form. Please use a black ink pen, sign it and post it back in the envelope provided.

You DO NOT need to return the form if you have responded using the internet or telephone services.

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