Upcoming elections:

To vote in the May 2021 elections you will need to be registered by Monday 19 April 2021.

All British, Commonwealth and European Citizens who are currently on the Electoral Register or who register by Monday 19 April 2021 can vote in all these elections. Find out how to register to vote

Have you thought about voting by post?

In these uncertain times we are encouraging electors to apply to vote by post

You do not have to vote by post. We are making sure that polling stations will be safe. However, it will take longer to vote in person and there may be a queue. Any registered voter can apply for a postal vote and you do not need to give a reason for wanting to vote by post.

You can download a postal vote application form to complete and return to Barnet Electoral Services either by:

  • post to Electoral Services, London Borough of Barnet, 2 Bristol Avenue, London NW9 4EW
  • email with a scanned or photographed application form