Freedom of Information Request

Questions to Constitution and General Purposes Committee

Received: 3 October 2019

Q1. Item 11: Creation of new post: Assistant Director - Capital Works

1. Why is it that as late as less than a day before the deadline for questions closes there is no publication of the report for this item, even though the exempt item is published? Why is this increasingly the case with politically sensitive reports, and how is this compliant with statutory obligations on publication?

2. Why is it necessary to create yet another senior post, what is the post's job description (fOI), what is the level of salary? How many Directors and Assistant Directors's posts will there now be, and what is the total cost of these posts to the public purse?

Q2. Item 9: Constitution Review

1. Appendix A, Article 2: Members of the Council 2.5, Allowances

As part of the Constitution Review, and being mindful of the need for financial prudence which has apparently driven the council to restrict questions by residents to committees, why is there no proposal to cut the allowance of Chairs of committees that do not meet for long periods of time, for example the Chair of Housing, a committee which for some reason, despite the current housing crisis, has not met for seven out of the last twelve months?

Q3. 2. Same Item Appendix B, Article 3, Residents and Public Participation

Questions to a Committee

A resident may ask one question per agenda item. A maximum of two questions from residents may be asked per agenda item. These will be accepted in order of receipt. Any additional questions received will be not be accepted.

How can questions be restricted to one per item, when that item, such as this one, Item 9, consists of several appendices, and multiple complex proposals?

Q4. Same Item Appendix C, Article 7 ' Committees, Forums, Working Groups and Partnerships

Why does the council persist in using non inclusive and gender specific terms such as 'Chairman' when the Chair of any committee may be a woman, or indeed a 'non binary' person? How is this compliant with an observation of equalities considerations? Will this issue be covered by the Constitution Review?

Q5 Same item. Appendix D, Full Council Procedure Rules
Annual Council Meeting
Does the proposed change here mean that the Deputy Mayor will now be elected, rather than appointed?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download
  • Response (some exempt) - application/pdf - Download

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