Freedom of Information Request

The Vale SCR298-01

Received: 25 October 2019

Reference your letter 17th October, I fail to understand the object of the exercise.

From the time that the 10-11am parking restriction was out in on the Vale, there has to my knowledge not been any problem for he residents. Perhaps someone could let me have some specifics as to what the problem is.

At present the 2-3 restriction is doing its job extremely well and the only possible purpose in changing it to 10-11 would be to try to force drivers to purchase a business ticket costing over £800. Would I be cynical in assuming that that was the sole purpose of the proposal. If not, I need to know why you believe that residents are suffering as a result of the current provisions.

I am at this moment looking out of my office window and if you would like I could take a series of photographs every hour for say 3 days to demonstrate that the residents have no problems with the existing restrictions.
Under the Freedom of Information Act perhaps you could let me know how many (not their names as might be confidential) residents have had problems with the current situation.

To be perfectly frank, it seems as if this is a cynical attempt to force permits on people. I have no objection to permits but when you quote £800pa for a business permit, that is a step too far. It seems as if the only way to force people is to restrict and restrict until there is no way to avoid payment. That is simply not right especially as offices pay far more Rates than householders. They need a break

Please let me know in particular under the FOI request above

Outcome / Documents

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