Freedom of Information Request

Please can I get a detailed map as to where 5g towers are placed

Received: 13 December 2019

EE is now advertising 5G is available in the EN4 and surrounding areas..

1. Please can i get a detailed map as to where these 5g towers are placed.

2. Are the towers live yet?

3,. What mobile providers are going to install 5g next and when?

4. What detailed full scientific studies on the effects of 5g have been done by the government/mobile providers to prove this technology is safe?

5. If there is such studies I would like to see them?

6. What have you the council done ahead of 5g roll out to ensure that the technology is safe?

7. Lastly is there a 5g tower/ mast anywhere near Hadley Wood Primary School?

Please treat this request as urgent as EE are taking sales for 5g ready mobiles, advising that their 5g service is available immediately..

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (not held) - application/pdf - Download

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