Freedom of Information Request

Halal Meat in Schools

Received: 17 December 2019

1. Is halal meat being supplied to local schools in our area?
2 From where is this meat sourced?
3. Does it come from stunned or -unstunned animals? If un-stunned, please provide evidence that this is the case.
4. How much does it cost?
5. How many schools are serving halal meat?
6. How many of these schools are under the control of the Local Education Authority
7. How many of these schools are Islamic fath schools?
8. What are the names of these schools?
9. Are parents aware of the provision of halal meat in their childrens' schools? If so who made them aware and when?
10. What percentage of pupils at schools serving halal meat are Muslim?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (information exempt) - application/pdf - Download

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