Freedom of Information Request

Application Databases

Received: 2 January 2020

Dear Barnet Borough Council,

o What Applications are you running for:
o Finance?
o HR?
o Payroll?
o Project?
o CRM?
o Manufacturing?
o Sourcing?
o Invoice Scanning Tool?
o Are you using Config Snapshot?
o What BI Tool are you using?

o What versions of the above Applications are you running?
o Do you have an Oracle support partner for applications? If so who?
o Are you running any Oracle Databases, if so what versions are you running?
o What applications are being run on these Databases?
o Do you have an Oracle support partner for Databases? If so who?
o Where are the databases held? Hosted, onsite/offsite?
o If not, how many in-house DBAs do you have?
o Where do you advertise any Oracle and/or SAP procurement opportunities?
o Who is responsible for looking after the contract for the Oracle and/or SAP estate?
o How much do you pay annually for Oracle Support & Maintenance and when does it renew?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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