Freedom of Information Request

improvement works undertaken in Mays Lane and Barnet High Street EN5

Received: 23 January 2020

improvement works undertaken in Mays Lane and Barnet High Street EN5

I would be interested to hear and request this under the Freedom of Information Act:

How much was spent in re-paving the roadway and the significant grass area which has increased the pavement size for no apparent benefit, but decreased the width of the road causing unnecessary traffic congestion and now the implementation of further double yellow lines.

How was this scheme approved to create the wasted pavement at the expense of a busy road.

Similarly how was the widening of the pavement in Barnet High Street approved?

What is the benefits of having a pavement where people can walk 6-8 abreast in an area that is now deserted. Having removed the easy parking area where people could stop for 15-20 minutes and visit the local shops or Banks we are now left with an empty pavement in a deserted High Street where five of the shops corresponding to area you have redeveloped are now empty and three further shops are charity shops. I am absolutely sure that none of the shop keepers, many of them who have been there for decades would have voted for this scheme and

I would again request to understand how much in monetary terms the planning and building of the increased pavement area has cost.

I am at a loss to understand who these schemes get approved and what was the thinking behind this expenditure.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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