Freedom of Information Request

Education Committees

Received: 9 October 2020

I would like to understand the exact process around co-optee membership to your Education Scrutiny Committee (or whichever name your Local Authority specifies this
i. Does your LA's Education Scrutiny Committee include any co-opted (non-councillor) members? If so, how many?
ii. Are co-opted members co-opted to represent a specific group or organisation?
iii. Do such co-opted members have specific titles associated with their position?
iv. Is there a formal process for such members being co-opted? What is this process?
v. Does your Terms of Reference (or similar governance document) for the Education Scrutiny Committee define exactly the process in written form (and if so please provide the said document).
vi. Is there any difference in this process for statutory co-optee members v's non-statutory (discretionary) members
vii. Do such co-opted members have voting rights on the committee i.e. the same full privileges as do councillor members on the committee
viii. Do you have a specific space on the committee which is filed by parent governors?
ix. Is it a requirement locally for such parent governor representatives to be parent governors at local maintained schools, or are Academy school parent governor representatives allowed?
x. How many Academy school parent governors do you current have on your Education Scrutiny committee in this municipal year?
xi. How many Academy school parent governors did you have on your Education Scrutiny committee in the previous municipal year?

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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