Freedom of Information Request

The total amount of money spent on celebrity events or visits organised by the council

Received: 9 December 2020

I wish to request, under the Freedom of Information Act, that you supply me with:

The total amount of money spent on celebrity events or visits organised by the council during the year 2020 to date, 2019 and as many years for which records are available.

Public Interest
I believe there is a strong public interest in releasing this information since it will promote greater transparency in government and greater accountability in the conduct of those who hold public office.
The information requested is not reasonably accessible by other means to the best of my knowledge.
Commercial interests
I do not believe that any of the information I have requested is exempt from disclosure as a result of the exemption provided by section 43 of the Act. However, should you judge that parts of the material requested would come under this exemption, I request that you redact the relevant sections and release the documents in their entirety.

For example, should you believe that the identification of suppliers that may result from disclosing the invoices received would prejudice that company's commercial interests, then I request that you redact the details of the supplier from the documents you release.

Confidentiality issues
Exemptions on the 'information being provided in confidence' do not apply. The Information Commissioner advises, "information which is protected from disclosure by an obligation of confidence must have the necessary 'quality of confidence'" (Freedom of Information Act Awareness Guidance No 2).
Where it is considered that under the FOI Act certain parts of documents requested breach confidentiality issues, I would request that these sections be redacted and the documents be released in their entirety.
Redacting personal information is a common practice - It is not acceptable to refuse to release a document simply because it contains elements of personal information that could be redacted.

Outcome / Documents

  • Response (all information to be supplied) - application/pdf - Download

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