Freedom of Information Requests

Freedom of Information requests within the last 180 days for Council and democracy.

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FOI ID Title Received date
6223988 A list of all IT, Change & Transformation, Operations and digital data and technology project and programmes 1st Apr 2020
6217088 Expenses of London Borough of Barnet Council 30th Mar 2020
6215288 Refuge services for victims of domestic abuse 25th Mar 2020
6165188 Full food hygiene report 6th Mar 2020
6164288 Barnet House 5th Mar 2020
6164188 number of councli employees 5th Mar 2020
6158488 Oversubscription Criteria in Henrietta Barnett School 4th Mar 2020
6158088 Suicide prevention measures 4th Mar 2020
6151488 Chinese Population In Barnet 3rd Mar 2020
6148088 EU Nationals 2nd Mar 2020
6119288 O365 25th Feb 2020
6126488 Employee/ staff Travel Plan 25th Feb 2020
6081988 Public screening events that the council are planning for Euro 2020 games. 13th Feb 2020
6081288 How many non-statutory public consultations did your council run 12th Feb 2020
6063588 Facial Recognition Technology 10th Feb 2020
6046288 Accessibility of LBB info to those with visual impairment, dyslexia, print impairment 5th Feb 2020
6026796 Risk Management Systems 30th Jan 2020
5986667 Council Structure Chart 21st Jan 2020
5983964 FOI Request: Organisational Structure for Finance and Procurement Teams 21st Jan 2020
5983564 Complaints to Streetscene 20th Jan 2020
5974764 Total number of cases that have been taken to Judicial Review over the past 10 years 17th Jan 2020
5969264 Potential impact of climate change on the council and its services and/or the council area 16th Jan 2020
5968866 Heritage Champions 16th Jan 2020
5908833 Public Toilets Out of Service 23rd Dec 2019
5915032 Correspondence between Philip Morris International ( and members of the council's health committee. 23rd Dec 2019
5904334 Information Asset Owners 20th Dec 2019
5902432 What were the charges the council imposed as the burial authority? 20th Dec 2019
5902633 24 hour parking enforcement hotline 18th Dec 2019
5899832 Spoilt ballot papers 18th Dec 2019
5889732 The council's use of any GIS software 16th Dec 2019
5883632 Council provison for disabilities and PC use 13th Dec 2019
5883332 Please can I get a detailed map as to where 5g towers are placed 13th Dec 2019
5881332 Performance of Subject Access Requests 13th Dec 2019
5874132 Infrastructure Damage Claim recoveries to include that to street furniture and accident clear ups 10th Dec 2019
5872532 LOBO Loans 10th Dec 2019
5869635 How many computers do you have in your organisation? 9th Dec 2019
5853632 Residential Property Disposals 4th Dec 2019
5847732 London Borough of Barnet Pension Fund 2nd Dec 2019
5845232 Toilet Facilities 29th Nov 2019
5839832 Council Legal Services 28th Nov 2019
5838833 Stray Dogs 28th Nov 2019
5826932 Current growth of the Jewish population in Colindale 25th Nov 2019
5825932 Recent roadworks commence on A5 West Hendon Broadway 25th Nov 2019
5823132 Dame Alice Owen Playing Fields 25th Nov 2019
5822932 Does London Borough of Barnet allow staff to use their own devices 25th Nov 2019
5822732 Data Protection Officer 25th Nov 2019
5829832 FOI request - Potholes 25th Nov 2019
5811132 Costs of Cyber Security 20th Nov 2019
5810732 The total amount spent by London Borough of Barnet on public art installations or sculptures 20th Nov 2019
5798068 Public Toilets 14th Nov 2019
5792568 Facial recognition 13th Nov 2019
5773768 Saracens Loan 6th Nov 2019
5815732 Agency Recruitment 5th Nov 2019
5814332 Internal Occupational Health Providers 4th Nov 2019
5814532 Menopause/Period Policy 4th Nov 2019
5748172 Monitoring Officer Procedures 29th Oct 2019
5747672 Fly tipping of waste materials including septic tank and cesspool sludge as well as any liquid drainage waste within the boundaries of your local authority 29th Oct 2019
5755373 Precise land boundaries for Unique Asset Identities 5547 and 5863 29th Oct 2019
5745872 Details of any incidents caused by estates and infrastructure failure at the maintained schools in your Local Authority 28th Oct 2019
5752372 Delegated Powers Reports and Records of Sealing Documents 28th Oct 2019
5735376 What is the annual revenue your mayor generates for your local area? 24th Oct 2019
5733445 The number of visitors each month for the last 12 months to your self service portal 23rd Oct 2019
5836332 Invalidated postal votes 20th Oct 2019
5695760 Public Works Loans Board 10th Oct 2019

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