Freedom of Information Requests

Freedom of Information requests within the last 180 days for Parking.

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FOI ID Title Received date
5609272 Templated letters, templated wording or templated paragraphs for PCNs 6th Sep 2019
5621100 Princes Park Avenue - Speed Bumps, removed and replaced 6th Sep 2019
5605872 LED lighting 4th Sep 2019
5585576 breach of the New Road & Street Works Act 1991/a claim in negligence 29th Aug 2019
5583876 Residents Parking, Oakleigh Gardens, Edgware 28th Aug 2019
5585376 Structures Asset Management 28th Aug 2019
5576978 opening notices 27th Aug 2019
5576177 residents' parking zone WH3, Malcolm Crescent NW4 4PL and NW4 4PJ 27th Aug 2019
5572044 Cycling Infrastructure 22nd Aug 2019
5534517 Highway Defect 7th Aug 2019
5529816 Footpath inspection records/Section 81 notices to Thames Water 5th Aug 2019
5518154 Ballards Lane by The Grove Pedestrian Crossing Tactile Paving 2nd Aug 2019
5518352 dropped kerb 2nd Aug 2019
5518052 Pothole on The Ridgeway, NW7 1st Aug 2019
5504456 GPS locations of public lamps 30th Jul 2019
5512321 concerns over speeding cars on Hampstead way NW11 between Welgarth road and Wildwood road. 30th Jul 2019
5506688 BNT025/70267_Telecoms Site, Highways Land, Barnet, London, NW2 1AH 25th Jul 2019
5488460 Defects issues or reports to the foot paths, missing or defective kerb stones to the roads and lanes 24th Jul 2019
5489760 Proposed CPZ (objection) 22nd Jul 2019
5486460 Roadwork overruns 18th Jul 2019
5475228 Urban Traffic Management & Control (UTMC) & Transport Data 16th Jul 2019
5475028 stopping up order plot 54 of Brent Cross Cricklewood Development 16th Jul 2019
5469928 15th Jul 2019
5455228 Barnet Highway Works and Particular Assessment of 2 Roads 10th Jul 2019
5441728 Traffic Consultation Glenthrone road and surrounding roads 4th Jul 2019
5458228 Gritting records 28th Jun 2019
5422928 Road Traffic Accidents on East End Road (A504) 25th Jun 2019
5402028 Somerton Road Weight and Speed Limit 5th Jun 2019
5491260 Highways asset management 30th May 2019
5293728 New Council Offices at Colindale- Follow on to FOI 4765728 7th May 2019
5298930 Whether Civic Enforcement Officer has legal traffic enforcement power on the grassland fronting 142 and 140 Montrose Avenue HA8 0EA 7th May 2019
5266828 Potholes 25th Apr 2019

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