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An integral part of the Public Health role in a Local Authority is health promotion. We lead on health education or awareness campaigns, with a specific disease or condition focus. These campaigns aim to improve public awareness about disease risk and the impact conditions may have on an individual's health and inform the them on how to reduce this risk.

Cervical Screening Campaign

The NHS Cervical Screening Programme saves an estimated 5,000 lives per year. However, the level of uptake of the programme has been poor, with only 71.4% of eligible women (aged 25 to 64) screened at 31 March 2018.

“If all eligible women attended cervical screening regularly, 83% of cervical cancer deaths could be prevented”

In Barnet, rates of attendance at cervical screening is at 63.9%, significantly lower than the national average, along with the 4 neighbouring boroughs in North Central London (NCL) – Enfield, Camden & Islington and Haringey. Across NCL there is particularly low uptake in certain groups, including:

  • young women
  • people living with a learning or physical disability
  • people from black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups
  • lesbian and bisexual women
  • those from a lower socioeconomic background

Public Health England (PHE) launched a national campaign in March in response to a year-on-year decline in the number of women responding to invitations and taking up appointments for screening.  That campaign has come to an end, but in NCL, the boroughs of Haringey, Enfield, Barnet, Camden and Islington have picked up the baton and each borough has a programme of activity and its own Health Ambassador who is working locally to raise awareness and encourage women to attend for cervical screening.

Here in Barnet, local Health Ambassadors are working hard to highlight the preventative benefits of cervical screening. This includes running a programme of coffee mornings, attending local community events, and handing out leaflets at children’s centres. This campaign is focusing on debunking myths, raising awareness of the benefits of screening and bringing women together to support each other to take the opportunity to get checked out, using a very localised, community-based approach across Barnet.

Keep an eye out for your Cervical Screening invitation letter!

All women who are registered with a GP are invited for cervical screening:

  • aged 25 to 49 – every 3 years
  • aged 50 to 64 – every 5 years
  • over 65 – only women who have recently had abnormal tests

For more information, visit:

Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Supporting people to maintain and improve their mental health and wellbeing is a key priority for Barnet Council. Barnet Council, by working with partners, is committed to build prevention and early identification into all we can to prevent and reduce mental health problems for our borough’s residents.

We will be delivering a Mental Health Awareness campaign, launching in the Spring 2019. Through this campaign we aim to raise awareness, tackle stigma and discrimination and making mental health everyone’s business.

Please visit our Mental Health & Wellbeing page for information and support on how to better manage your mental health and wellbeing. 


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