Healthy weight

In simple biological terms, a person’s weight is determined by energy balance: to maintain a stable weight, energy input must match energy requirements, and alterations to this will result in weight loss or weight gain. However, in reality this energy balance is affected by a complex network of influences. A person’s weight is based on more than just their genetic makeup and simple conscious choices around what and how much they eat and exercise. Instead, we recognise that weight is also influenced by numerous factors beyond the control of an individual, including the accessibility of fast food, transportation, the impact of media and the wider determinants of health such as education income and employment.

Barnet’s approach to healthy weight therefore works across many different areas to enable residents to make healthier food choices and remain active for longer. Please see our vision statement below:

jigsaw showing healthy weight strategy

Those who are born, grow up, live, work and study in Barnet have every opportunity to adopt behaviours which support healthy weight maintenance. Barnet is a borough where residents are health literate and well-informed and where a healthy option is an easier option! This is delivered through mutual ownership and commitment across the borough. As a result, our collective actions optimise healthy growth and development, promoting active living, nutritious eating and psychosocial wellbeing.


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