Moss Hall and Lodge Lane (Finchley N12)

Moss Hall was built on the edge of Finchley Common. Its name, which may have existed in the 15th century (named after the Mosse family), existed in the 18th century. The house had forty acres when it was sold in 1833, but this was reduced when parts of the estate were sold off for building houses from the 1860s (including Moss Hall Crescent). Moss Hall was demolished in 1927. Further up was a house called Court House which may have been the house in 1664 owned by the Peacock Family who owned Frith Manor.

Prior to the building of Frith manor house (1790) the Court House was the main house of the estate and it is possible that the manorial courts were held here. The house was demolished and the remnants of the estate sold in 1936.

Finchley Lodge (from which Lodge Lane takes its name) may have existed by 1564 and was certainly there by 1667. Much of the estate was sold off by a man called Chapman in the 1820s for building after the enclosure of Finchley Common.

Charles Jacques built a number of cottages in Lodge Lane (1824). North End Finchley had four shops and a blacksmith run by Elizabeth Humphreys all on Lodge Lane.

Lodge Lane was the home of John Parr, the first British soldier to be killed in the First World War, and the actor David Jason.

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