Hendon Central (Hendon NW4)

The road running through Hendon Central, roughly in line with the Watford Way, was called Butchers Lane. Where St John's School now stands was Paddock Farm and further up, near the top of Station Road, was Burroughs Farm.

The Handmaids of Christ established the Convent of St Joseph in Burroughs House in 1882. They had a school by 1900, now St Joseph's Primary School. Butchers Lane became Queens Road after Queen Victoria's jubilee (1887).

The houses west of the Watford Way were built on what had been Renters Farm. In 1906 the Neeld family, who owned the farm, decided to develop it by laying out new roads and selling plots of land to developers.

Many of the roads were named after members of the family, including: Vivian Avenue, Dallas, Audley, Elliot, Graham, Rundell, Algernon and, of course, Neeld.

Hendon War Memorial was unveiled close to St Joseph's convent on St George's Day, 23 April, 1922. On it are the names of many of the men who died during the two world wars.

Hendon Central Station was opened in 1923. Later in the same year the Hendon Way and Watford Way were constructed following the line of Queens Road north of the underground station.

In 1962 the road was widened and the war memorial was moved to its present location. Near to the station was Hendon Classic, a cinema opened as the Ambassadors in 1932 and now used as a health centre.

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