Special treatments - how to apply

You will need to send the following information

  • A fully completed application form,  ensuring all treatments you intend to offer are listed and all questions are answered. We only approve practitioners who give the treatments for which they are properly qualified. Please specify against each name the treatments that the practitioner is to provide. If you do not fully complete the form it may delay issue of the licence.
  • The correct fee. If you're unsure of the fee, please contact us for help. Make the cheque payable to 'London Borough of Barnet' and staple it to the form.
  • Photocopies of all practitioner qualifications. There have been cases where false qualifications have been offered, and our officer will need to see both the original qualification certificates and photo ID as proof of each practitioner’s identity (a passport would be suitable for this) when he/she visits the premises before issuing the licence. (See attached regarding foreign qualifications).
  • Copy of the Notice displayed in the window of the premises.
  • Copy of the last Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) for the premises - see conditions 38 and 40 of the attached Regulations. (Business premises only).

The London Local Authorities Act requires us to inform the Police and Fire Authority of your application. We will therefore send a copy of your application form to them.

Please retain a copy of the Regulations and Conditions on the premises. The licence, when issued, will be subject to certain terms, conditions and restrictions. It will be valid only in the name of the applicant. It will cover only the special treatments listed in your application, and they must not be provided by any practitioner whom the Council has not approved for those treatments. If at a later date you wish to offer other special treatments, employ other practitioners, or make any material change to the premises or the way in which the treatments are given, you will need to apply for a licence variation before doing so.

The licence holder will be fully responsible for making sure all licence conditions are complied with, and could be subject to penalties if the conditions are breached. If a self-employed practitioner is to rent space in premises used by others, it is normally best if they apply for their own licence.

There's a minimum statutory consultation period of four weeks before a licence can be issued.

To minimise delay, you should make sure that any work necessary to comply with the licence conditions or meet the requirements of the Fire Authority is finished as early as possible, preferably before we inspect the premises.

If for any reason you decide not to proceed after you have applied for a licence,  a 10% administration charge will be deducted from the fee paid.

Pay the correct postage before sending your application as incorrect postage could result in the application being refused by the post office.

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