Street trading licence

You need a license to trade on the public highway, including the pavement or any other area (not within a permanently enclosed premises) that is within seven meters of any road or footway.

Street trading is the selling, offering or exposing for sale of any item or service in the street. This includes stalls, shop-front displays, cafe tables and chairs with service.

A licence will be granted if the site upholds the following licence objectives:

  • Preventing crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour
  • Avoiding public nuisance
  • Protecting public safety
  • Preventing obstruction of the highway
  • Complementing the location and hours of neighbouring business activity

If you're are a trader and want to apply for a street trading licence, please contact the Licensing Team on and request an application form. 

You can also contact the Licensing Team if you want to complain about a trader not complying.

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