Essential service vouchers

These vouchers are available at a cost to public or commercial sector departments that need to make professional visits to households or properties within a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). Please refer to the list below.

This will include local authority departments, healthcare professionals working for the primary care trust, charities or not-for-profit organisations that provide health, counselling or social care services to borough residents.

Public Sector (Non-Commercial)

  • Local Authority Services
  • Street Trading
  • Food Safety Control
  • Building control
  • Nuisance Control
  • Pest Control
  • Clinical Waste Collection
  • Council Fraud Investigation
  • Social Services Homecare (not contractors)
  • Social Services Occupational Therapy
  • Child protection unit
  • Waste Management Inspection / Enforcement
  • Town Planning Enforcement
  • Adolescent resource team
  • Children Services
  • Social Services Assessment / Placement

National Health Service

  • Health Visiting Occupational Therapy Service
  • District / Community Nursing / Midwifery

Other Service Providers

  • Charities / not-for-profit organisations
  • Social / Non-commercial Service Provider (not contractors)
  • Social Housing Management (not contractors)
  • Residential / Community Care Management (not contractors)

Essential Service Vouchers - terms and conditions

This is not an exclusive list of essential users and anyone wishing to apply for an essential permit that is not detailed above may apply at the discretion of the Director of Environment and Operations. However, in order for your application to be considered, the applicant must provide documentary evidence that they spend 30% or more of their working week out in the community. This application must be supported by the applicant's Head of Service.

Terms and conditions

  1. The essential service voucher only allows you to park in a 'Resident Permit Holders Only or 'Permit Holders Only' parking place during the controlled hours.
  2. The essential service voucher does not allow you to park in 'Business Permit Holders Only' parking places, Pay and Display bays, yellow lines, on the footway, on a red route or exempt you from any other parking restriction. The voucher is not valid if your vehicle is seen parked within 50 metres of your place of work.
  3. The issue of an essential service voucher does not guarantee the availability of a parking space nor does it render the council subject to any liability in respect of loss or damage to the vehicle in a parking place or the contents or fittings of the vehicle.
  4. The voucher must be displayed in the window nearest the kerb or on the front windscreen so that the details are clearly visible from outside the vehicle.
  5. Essential service vouchers are only valid if completed and displayed as described on the front of the voucher. They can only be used on the date for which it is validated.
  6. Parking places may be suspended by any person duly authorised by the council or police. An essential service voucher is not valid in a parking place where signs indicate it is suspended.
  7. It is prohibited to use a vehicle in a parking place in connection with the sale or offering or exposing for sale of goods.
  8. Vouchers are issued to organisations and departments on the understanding that they control the issue of vouchers to staff, and keep records of issue and use. Such records must include the date and location(s) where the vouchers were used and the registration number of the vehicle concerned. The council reserves the right to inspect such records, and if 200 vouchers have been provided in one year copies of the records of issue and use will be required before provision of further vouchers is authorised.
  9. The council may suspend the issue of vouchers to an organisation or department if it believes they are being misused. Examples of misuse are: using the voucher to park at a station for commuting purposes or using the voucher for the purpose of shopping in the borough. This permit can only be used in conjunction with duties related to the role that qualified the holder for the permit.

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