Visitor parking vouchers

COVID-19 Update: Currently, you do not need to use visitor vouchers to park in permit bays.  We are preparing to reinstate the enforcement of all restrictions including permit bays on Monday 8 June 2020.   We are currently unable to print and dispatch visitor vouchers as our Contact Centre building is closed, and we are working on restoring this service.  Virtual vouchers are still available to purchase.  Click here for further information on parking during COVID-19


You can buy visitor parking vouchers if you live in a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). Your guests and visitors can use them to park in a 'resident permit holders only' or 'permit holder only' parking space during controlled hours.

Virtual Visitor Vouchers

Visitor vouchers are now available to purchase as virtual vouchers, which can be activated and used immediately after purchase.  Virtual visitor vouchers can be activated in your online permit account for use at any time, and your visitors do not need to display anything in their vehicle.  

Watch our video to find out how to use virtual visitor vouchers

Please ensure that you activate a visitor voucher for the correct date and vehicle registration.  Once activated, you will get an email confirming the details of your active virtual voucher to your nominated email address.  

Favourite Visitor Cars

If you have regular visitors, you can add their vehicle registrations to your 'Favourite Visitor Cars' within your online permit account.  You will need to give them nickname (i.e. 'Mum) which will appear within your list of favourites when activating a visitor voucher. 

Adding vehicle registrations to your 'Favourite Visitors Cars' does not give them a permit to park.  Please ensure that you activate a visitor voucher for use by your visitor by clicking on 'Manage Permits' within your online account.  You'll get an email confirmation when your virtual voucher has been activated successfully.

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