North Finchley (February 2018)

The North Finchley Town Centre Framework SPD sets out an approach, establishes a vision and planning policy aims for revitalising one of the largest town centres in Barnet, seeking a greater focus on an appropriate mix of uses, where retailing remains important but residential makes a greater contribution to the town centre’s diversification making North Finchley a more attractive centre to live, visit and enjoy.

The SPD aims to:

  • achieve sustainable social, environmental and economic development that will benefit North Finchley town centre and the surrounding area;
  • provide a framework for developing a mixture of land uses, including residential, retail, leisure, employment and community facilities in the town centre and wider area;
  • provide a framework for making decisions on future proposals in a manner that supports appropriate development, the overall improvement of the area and a vibrant town centre;
  • undertake high level viability appraisals at various stages during the production of the SPD;
  • create a plan that maximises existing and future movement opportunities including links to nearby stations (Woodside Park and West Finchley), the bus network and pedestrian and cycle connections;
  • achieve well designed, high quality streets, spaces, public realm and buildings, which deliver an appropriate degree of local distinctiveness;
  • develop a public realm strategy which considers opportunities for improvement, and any long-term management issues;
  • promote a safer and more secure environment in which all sections of the community can have a sense of ownership and pride; and
  • seek to achieve the highest possible standards in sustainable design from any new development; and involve key stakeholders (including ward councillors, landowners, traders, local businesses, North Finchley Town Team and other community representatives) within the area in the delivery of the SPD.

Consultation and adoption

The SPD has been developed in collaboration with the local community, residents, businesses and users of the town centre through a series of workshops and statutory consultation.

The SPD was subject to over six weeks of consultation during October and December 2017. The Consultation Statement describes how this was conducted and the Council's responses to the comments received.

In accordance with Regulations 11 and 14 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, notice is hereby given that Barnet Council adopted the North Finchley Town Centre Framework  SPD at the Council’s Policy and Resources Committee meeting on 13 February 2017.