Planning and trees

Protected trees

Trees are protected in one of two ways, either by inclusion in a Tree Preservation Order (PDF) (TPO) or if the trees are within a conservation area.

You will need our consent before you do any work to a TPO tree. You will need to give us written notice six weeks ahead of work on trees in conservation areas.

It is a criminal offence to carry out work to protected tree(s) without the necessary consent.

Apply for consent and give notice for work on trees

TPO tree work application form (PDF) - this form can also be used to give Notice of Intent for work to tree(s) in a conservation Area:

Tree work application form guidance notes (PDF)

To check whether trees are protected email us with details of the location and type of trees. We are unable to check a tree’s status by telephone.

Get information on fees for supplementary planning and trees

Your data and privacy

Barnet Council will collect and use the information you give us to undertake our functions as a local authority and deliver services to you. It is our responsibility to ensure that your information is kept safe. Where necessary and legally allowed, we will share your information with trusted external organisations, commissioned partners and contracted service providers in order to deliver services and support to you.

The information we collect may be used to better understand your use of our services and assist us in improving our services. This is to ensure we are using public funds in the best possible way. Under our duty to protect public money we may use the information you have provided for the prevention and detection of crime. For further details of how we use your information and to understand your rights please visit

Comments on planning applications and the name and address of the commenter are published online. Please do not include any personal information you would not be happy to be publicly available in your comment. Please do not include personal information of others without their permission. People requesting to speak at planning committee will need to consent to their name and email address to be disclosed to other individuals who have requested to speak.

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