Vehicle access for new developments

Apply for vehicular access approval/consent

Prior to forming or modifying a vehicular access connecting to the public highway it is necessary to obtain approval from the Local Highways Authority (London Borough of Barnet).

To carry out such work without first applying for and being granted approval/consent by the Local Highways Authority is an offence under The Highways Act 1980 and may result in a prosecution.

Any change to the external layout of a development may involve alteration of the highway including existing accesses. Potential damage to the highway caused by development construction activities - including that to carriageways, crossovers, footways, verges or street furniture - must also be considered.

Under Section 184 of The Highways Act 1980, a person may make a request to the council as the Local Highways Authority for constructing a vehicle access over a footway, or verge in the highway.

To apply for vehicle access (crossover) approval, please read the guidance notes (PDF) first, then complete the application form (PDF 265 KB) and return it together with the appropriate fees and drawings to:

Highways Service 
Traffic & Development Section 
11th Floor 
Barnet House 
1255 High Road Whetstone 
London N20 0EJ 

Please ensure the application complies in full with the council's standards, specifications and conditions.

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