Winter road maintenance: gritting and snow clearance

Take extra care during the winter months and find top tips on keeping warm and well this Winter (PDF) and keeping safe on the road (PDF).

Our fleet of 11 gritters this winter will be working hard to keep our roads clear and safe.

Gritting action update

10th April 12:30pm – Amber Warning – Action deferred until winter update at 6.30pm.

Why we grit and how it works

The winter salting programme ensures that roads are safe and that the 238km of our busiest roads are treated with salt in advance of any forecasted frost or snow.

The material spread from our 'gritters' is a mixture of salt and grit. The grit in the mix is rough and helps car tyres to grip the road when it’s slippery or frozen and the salt raises the salinity of the water, lowering its freezing point. Therefore the water is less likely to freeze and cause an icy road surface.

Where we grit

We prioritise key routes within the Barnet network for our gritting activities into Priority One and Priority Two routes. Our aim is to salt the 10 Priority One routes before forecasted ice or frost occurs. Priority is given to clearing snow and ice from areas where people are most at risk such as near schools and busier footways.

Once traffic on the priority network is flowing freely, all available resources are deployed to treat the Priority Two roads across the borough.

While working within these priorities, every effort is made to respond to individual requests for assistance received from residents and commuters. This can be done via the contact details at the bottom of this page.

When we grit

The Winter Maintenance team receive weather and temperature forecasts throughout the day and grit in the evenings and early mornings. During times of snow, the team will be working 24 hours. Our gritter lorries travel at up to 30mph when they're spreading grit and drive according to the speed limit at all other times.

Grit bin locations

We have placed grit bins at more than 450 known trouble spots and steep locations so highway users can assist themselves. You're welcome to use grit from any of Barnet’s grit bins to grit public roads and footpaths. Please do not use on private property.


Bins will only be replenished during October and November for the start of the season and during, and immediately after, periods of adverse weather or upon request from the residents. We will refill these bins as and when resources allow but we appreciate residents letting us know when they are empty.

Who can have a grit bin

If you are a school or business you can request to purchase a grit bin for £350. Please use the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Snow clearance

You can spread grit outside your property and clear snow from the road or pavement. Read GOV.UK guidance on clearing snow from a road or pavement. We've also prepared some advice for residents on clearing snow and ice from footpaths.

Read guidance on community action during severe weather.

Follow us on Twitter for regular updates on when we are gritting in Barnet.

Contact us

You can contact the highway correspondence team using the details below.

If the situation is an emergency and you need immediate care dial 999.

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Tel: 020 8359 3555


Opening hours: Mon - Thur 9am - 5:15pm, Fri 9am - 5pm


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