Priority 1 Gritting Routes

Priority 1 Roads

Priority 1 gritting routes within Barnet include main commuter and bus routes and make up a total 238km or 35 per cent of the road network. There are 10 separate Priority 1 gritting routes.

A full list of all the roads within the Priority 1 routes can be found here.

Priority 1 Pavements

The Council pre-treats Priority 1 pavements when snow is forecast in order to prevent ice forming on the pavement’s surface. These pavements will be pre-treated by resources from the Council's Street Scene Service before the start of the morning rush hour by using small manually operated spreading machines. Priority one pavements consist of heavily used locations, on steep gradients, or immediately leading to Transport Hubs.

A full list of all the pavements within the Priority 1 routes can be found here.

In times of snow, Priority 1 routes will be gritted first and until these routes are found to be safe and running, treatment of Priority 2 routes will not commence.

Carriageways on these highways are pre-treated with grit (rock salt) when ice or frost may form. Gritting is normally carried out at night, starting when the evening traffic peak is over.

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