Priority 2 Gritting Routes

Priority 2 Routes

Priority 2 gritting routes within Barnet include roads within the vicinity of shopping centres, rail way stations and other local points of interest. Priority 2 gritting routes make up a total of 167km or 23 per cent of the road network. There are 22 separate Priority 2 gritting routes.

Priority 2 Pavements

In times of snow, there will be every effort will be made to treat Priority 2 pavements, after treatment of Priority 1 pavements are prioritised.

Priority 2 pavements consist of footways leading up to and within town centres, steep slopes, traffic interchanges and local shopping centres. Day care centres, doctor's surgeries, libraries plus all other residential footways will also receive treatment as or when necessary.

Treatment of Priority 2 routes will not commence until Priority 1 routes are treated then found to be running safely.

A full list of all the roads within the priority 2 routes can be found here.

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