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Get involved with your council

You can get involved in local life, have your say about local issues and become an active member of your community.

Your council

Councillors / Committees/ Meetings - Contact your councillor or attend a committee meeting

Petitions - Submit a petition or sign one created by someone else

Voting and elections - Register to vote in local and national elections

Become a Councillor - Stand for election to Barnet Council

Local Forums and Panels

Citizens panel - Your chance to influence life in Barnet and let us know what’s important to you

Resident’s forums - Your opportunity to raise local issues to the Council

Have your say

Consultations – Engage Barnet - Take part in surveys and discussions, have your say on subjects that interest you

Planning Applications - Comment on planning applications

Planning committees - Attend a planning committee for your area

Comments, compliments and complaints

Do it online

Get involved with your community

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