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Census 2011

This page contains briefings, data and links to useful websites relating to the 2011 Census.

The data from the 2011 census has been released in phases by the Office for National Statistics since the first in July 2012, with each phase going into more detail and covering a different theme of the census. Data and briefings relating to the releases can be found below.

Release 1 - July 2012

Headline population estimates. Household estimates, and population estimates by age and sex.

Release 1 - briefing note

Release 1 - data

Release 2.1 - November 2012

Resident census population estimates by five-year age bands and sex; and estimates of occupied households.

Release 2.1 - briefing note

Release 2.1 - data

Release 2.2 - December 2012

Additional details to the statistics released in July 2012.

Release 2.2 - briefing note

Release 2.2 - data

Release 3.1 - May 2013

Detailed characteristics for local authorities.

Release 3.1 - briefing note

Release 3.1 - data

Release 3.2 - June 2013

Detailed characteristics on Housing for Local Authorities

Release 3.2 - briefing note

Release 3.2 - data

Release 3.3 - August 2013

Detailed characteristics for local authorities on demography and families.

Release 3.3 - briefing note

Release 3.3 - data

Release 3.4 - September 2013

Detailed characteristics for local authorities on communal establishments.

Release 3.4 - briefing note

Release 3.4 - data

Release 3.5 – November 2013

Detailed characteristics on the labour market for local authorities.

Release 3.5 - briefing note

Release 3.5 - data

Release 3.6 – March 2014

Detailed characteristics on travel to work for local authorities. 

Release 3.6 - briefing note

Release 3.6 - data

External Resources for visualising and analysing Census data

Below are three websites that provide easy access to census data, a brief description of the data in each release, a briefing note and a link to the raw data on the ONS websites. The best site for querying headline figures, quick statistics, key statistics and univariate census data.  Site for querying detailed statistics (multivariate tables that cross tabulate one census question against another i.e. age by ethnicity).  Tools and visualisations to help accessing and analysing census data. 

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