Previous Equality Schemes

Equality scheme

Our scheme shows how we want to promote equality in its widest sense and also be sensitive to how services can affect people differently depending on their age, faith/belief and sexual orientation.

As the scheme is a long document we have prepared a shorter executive summary as well as an easy-read version. If you have difficulties downloading any of the documents, please use the the contact details opposite and a printed version will be sent to you.

Barnet Equality Scheme

Barnet Equality Scheme Executive Summary

Barnet Equality Scheme - executive summary, 'easy read' version

Equalities policy Annual report

The Race Equality Scheme

This builds on the vision and commitments contained in the equalities policy.

The scheme was refined  in the light of  census information and as a result of further consultation with services and with our partners in the community.

Race Equality Scheme 2006 - 2007

The Race Equality Scheme 2003 - 2006

The Race Equality Scheme Action Plan May 2003 - May 2006

The Disability Equality Scheme (DES)

This is our first disability equality scheme to be published as part of the new duty placed upon public authorities to promote disability equality.

The scheme reflects our ambitions and aspirations to work with our key partners to ensure that Barnet is known nationally and internationally as a successful city-suburb of London.

Disability Equality Scheme 2006-2007

Citizens' panel survey of the disability equality scheme

The citizens' panel survey of August 2006, was designed to inform the disability and race equality schemes, looking in particular at residents' priorities for disability and race equality.

Citizens' panel survey 2006

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