North Finchley Town Centre

A commitment to revive North Finchley Town Centre and High Road was made by Barnet Council in early 2018. The North Finchley Town Centre Framework Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was unanimously agreed by councillors and sets out an agreed approach for the future development of one of Barnet’s largest town centres.

The North Finchley Partnership Board (NFPB) will be the new working group dedicated to ensuring that communities are fully involved and engaged as development takes shape. Members will be invited from across the local area, contributing a diverse mix of views, life experience and insight. The draft SPD received hundreds of contributions during public consultation and the Board will look to build upon these.

Members will be invited to attend three or four meetings a year to hear about the latest progress with the plans. They will help to ensure the views of the wider community are properly heard, advising Barnet Council and its development partners on community consultation and engagement.

The Council will commence recruitment to the North Finchley Partnership Board in April 2019. This is later than originally intended due to the size and complexity of the proposed redevelopment. 

Please check this web page in future for further updates, including how to apply to join the NFPB.

The decline of high streets is well-recognised in the UK and the SPD will pave the way to deliver major improvements. The council wants to work together with developers and an active Partnership Board, to make North Finchley a place where people want to live, work and spend time, with shops and services that meet the needs of local people.

North Finchley Town Centre Framework Supplementary Planning Document