Gambling permits

There are four main types of gambling permit that you can apply for:

  • gaming machine permits and notification (in alcohol licensed premises)
  • unlicensed family entertainment centres
  • prize gaming
  • club gaming permits and club machine permits. 

You may also apply for the following gambling notices:

  • temporary use notice
  • occasional use notice


Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that your permit or notice is displayed at your premises at all times. If you misplace your authorisation you should contact the licensing department immediately to request a replacement and pay the relevant fee.

It is also your responsibility to ensure the details/information on the permit/notice remain up to date. If your circumstances change in relation to the permit you should contact us immediately.

Gaming machine permits and notification (in alcohol licensed premises) 

Gaming Machine Notification

Pubs and other alcohol licensed premises are automatically entitled to two category C or D gaming machines. 

To use this entitlement a premises must give notification to the licensing department of their intention to make gaming machines available for use.

There is a fee of £50 to be paid with this notification and there is no annual fee. 

The notification remains in place unless the alcohol premises licence holder changes

Gaming Machine Permit

A licensed premises can instead apply for a permit, this is to authorise 3 or more gaming machines. The applicant must be the holder of the alcohol premises licence. 

Please return the application to the licensing team with the correct fee.


Decisions made regarding this application will be in accordance with the statutory guidance and the London Borough of Barnet statement of gambling licensing policy.

A permit has no expiry date and will continue in force as long as the licence holder continues to hold the alcohol licence and the annual fee is paid. The annual fee is £50

If you no longer require your permit then you should contact us confirming you wish to surrender your permit.  In addition we can cancel the permit if the premises are used wholly or mainly by children or young persons or an offence under the Gambling Act has been committed

Unlicensed Family Entertainment Centres (gaming machine permits)

Family entertainment centres (FECs) are most commonly located in airports and at motorway service centres. FECs cater for families, including unaccompanied children and young people. A permit allows provision of an unlimited number of category D gaming machines.

An unlicensed family entertainment centre gaming machine permit lasts for ten years and you do not need an operating licence or personal licence from the gambling commission to apply.

Please return the application to the licensing team with the correct fee.


Prize gaming

Prize gaming is gaming where the nature and size of the prize available is not determined by either:

  • the number of people playing
  • the amount paid for, or raised by the gaming.

There are limits on the prices and participation fee.

You do not need an operator licence from the gambling commission to apply for a prize gaming permit. An application should be made by the occupier of the premises and they must be over 18.

Please return the application to the licensing team with the correct fee.

As part of the application you need to provide detailed information on the gaming you are intending to offer. 

We will consult with the metropolitan police in relation to your application.

The permit lasts for 10 years and there is no annual fee payable.

The permit will lapse if:

  • the holder no longer occupies the premises 
  • the company holding the permit goes into liquidation
  • if the individual permit holder dies or becomes bankrupt. 

You may also surrender the permit to the licensing department at any time

Clubs (club gaming permits and club machine permits)

There are two types of club permit available: 

  • a club gaming permit or
  • a club machine permit.

Club gaming permits

Allow the provision of no more than three gaming machines in total. Each of the three machines must be from categories B3A, B4, C or D but only one B3A machine can be sited, by agreement, as part of this entitlement. 

Club gaming permits also allow equal-chance gaming (for example, poker) and games of chance (for example, pontoon, chemin-de-fer) under certain restrictions.

Club machine permits

Allow the holder to have no more than three gaming machines in total. For more information on what categories these may be contact us directly

You do not need to hold an operator's licence to apply for either club permits.

You also need to send a copy of your application to the metropolitan police and the gambling commission, they then have 28 days to object to the granting of the permit.

Permit length

A permit  lasts for ten years and there is an annual fee of £50 for the permit.

A permit will lapse if the holder stops being a qualifying club. You may also surrender the permit to the licensing department at any time. 

In addition the licensing department may cancel your permits if the premises are used wholly by children or young persons or an offence or breach of a permit conditions has been committed. 

However we will give you at least 21 days notice if we intend to cancel a permit and allow you the permit holder to make representations in relation to this. 

Should you request it we will hold a licensing sub committee hearing to determine this matter.

To apply you must be either of the following:

Members' clubs with at least 25 members and be established and conducted 'wholly or mainly' for purposes other than gaming (excluding bridge or whist clubs). A club must be permanent in nature, not established to make commercial profit, and controlled by its members equally. Examples include working men's clubs, branches of the Royal British Legion and clubs with political affiliations. Members' clubs can apply  for either a club gaming permit or a club machine permit.

Commercial clubs have the same characteristics as members' clubs, but they are established with a view to making a profit. An example of a commercial club is a snooker club. Commercial clubs can apply  for a club machine permit only.

Gambling notices

There are two additional gambling notices that may be applied for a temporary use notice and an occasional use notice. These are used to authorise short term gambling at a premises

Temporary use notices (TUN)

A gambling operator may use a premises temporarily for gambling, where no licence is in force. These include hotels, conference centres etc. The notice allows gambling to take place at the premises for up to 21 days during any 12 month period.

A TUN may only be granted to a person or company holding a relevant Operating Licence issued by the Gambling Commission.
The only activities permitted under a TUN are the provision of facilities for any form of equal chance gaming where those participating in the gaming are taking part in a competition which is intended to produce a single, overall winner (this does not include providing such facilities in circumstances where any person participating in the gaming does so by means of a gaming machine).

A TUN must be lodged with us not less than 3 months and 1 day before the day on which the gambling event will begin. 

To apply please complete temporary use notice form and send it to the licensing department along with the correct fee. 

The application should also be sent to the police and the gambling commission who may make representations in relation to the granting of the permit.

Occasional use notices

Occasional notices are used to permit licensed betting operators to allow betting to take place for 8 days or less in a calendar year on the 'track' when there is no track betting licence in place.

The venue occupier must give notice to the council's licensing authority and the police. No objection may be raised and there is no time restriction on when the notice must be given - it could be given on the day of the event.


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