Big changes to bin collections for all Barnet residents


From 4 November the council is making significant changes to recycling and waste collection days. Leaflets with all the information residents need about these changes are now being delivered throughout Barnet.

map of new bin collection routes 2019

map of new bin collection routes 2019

The current rounds are up to 15 years old, so they do not reflect changes in Barnet over recent years. Changing them and making them more efficient means we can plan to collect almost all of our bins during the week, eliminating the need for garden bins to be collected on a Saturday. The recycling and refuse collections will remain weekly and the garden waste collections fortnightly.

We are asking residents to bear with us, while we make these substantial changes, as they may take a little while to bed in. We will be working to resolve any issues that arise as quickly as possible, and to ensure that the service operates efficiently and smoothly.

These changes will also enable us to be more responsive to local issues and to be fully prepared for the future growth of the borough.

Residents should look out for the leaflet telling them about their new collection day. The leaflet will include a six-month collection calendar, and bin collection arrangements for the festive period. For this reason residents should keep their leaflet safe. From 1 November, residents can also check their new collection days online.

Chairman of the Barnet Council Environment Committee, Councillor Dean Cohen, said: “We are working hard to ensure that this change goes as smoothly as possible, but with almost 400,000 bin collections carried out each week in Barnet it will take a little while to fully bed in. We ask that our residents help by looking out for the leaflet coming through their door, and ensuring they know their new collection day. We will work hard to keep disruption to a minimum.”

For more information about these changes, please visit: