Food waste recycling hits the road

Author: Pawan Dhande


Barnet Council’s Recycling Team have been holding food waste recycling information stalls at supermarkets across the borough.

With around 35% of the average Barnet refuse bin containing food waste that could have been recycled, the council are keen to raise awareness with residents about what they can do to reduce or recycle it.

An estimated 20,000 tonnes of food waste is disposed of in refuse bins on average every year in Barnet, costing more for the council to process than if recycled.

The team have visited a number of supermarkets as part of the campaign. The stalls have allowed residents to get useful hints and tips about the council’s service and pick up information leaflets.

Barnet’s food waste is taken to a processing plant in East London where it is treated and converted into soil fertiliser. The gases that are produced are also converted into heat and electricity which helps to reduce the overall environmental impact.

Councillor Dean Cohen, Chairman of Barnet Council’s Environment Committee, said: “We’ve had a fantastic response from residents who have interacted with us at the stalls and who are keen to encourage friends and family to start recycling their food waste – it really makes a difference.”

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