Heritage volunteers sought

Author: Nick Griffin


Residents with an interest in the heritage and history of the borough are being invited to get involved in a project to identify the borough’s most cherished buildings.

The project aims to involve volunteers from across the borough in helping to survey the borough and update Barnet’s ‘Local List’.

The Local Heritage List identifies buildings and monuments which have a special architectural or historic interest, and contribute to the character of the borough.

Barnet’s current Local List has around 1,600 buildings and monuments ranging from private homes, to tube stations, water towers and even drinking fountains and cattle troughs.

Those taking part will be able to help provide up to date information on the existing Local List as well discovering new entries.

Volunteers will receive training and support through a mentoring programme to help survey the borough.

Training events are due to take place on 6th and 7th July.

The Local List provides information on the location of these assets and what it is about them which makes them significant or special.

Buildings on the Local List do not benefit from the same protection as statutory listed buildings, but they are protected locally by planning policy and the list helps inform consideration of any future planning applications.

New buildings and monuments identified through the project will be looked at against a set of selection criteria before they are officially added to the list.

Councillor Stephen Sowerby, Barnet’s Design and Heritage Champion, said: “Barnet has a very long and rich history, and it’s this wonderfully varied heritage which greatly contributes to the borough’s special character today.

“The Local List is a really important way of not only recording, but of helping to protect some of our much loved buildings and monuments.

“I would like to encourage as many residents and community groups as possible to get involved and play their part in carrying out this very important new survey of our local heritage.”

Training events will be taking place on 6 July at Stephens House, East End Road, Finchley, and on 7 July at Christ Church, St Albans Road, High Barnet.

For more information, and to reserve a place on one of the training events, email or call 01538 386 221