COVID-19 parking arrangements for health and care workers

The parking concessions will be withdrawn on 21 June 2021. Health or care workers may be eligible to apply for essential service vouchers to park within controlled parking zones whilst making professional visits in Barnet.

If you are a health or care worker you can park whilst displaying  an HM Government ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) Parking Pass’ issued by your employer, a copy of your NHS ID or a letter on headed paper from your employer confirming your status.

 This will allow you to park:

  • in a permit bay (without a permit)
  • in any council run car park (without making payment)
  • in pay and display/pay by phone space on street (without making payment)
  • on a single yellow line providing that you are not obstructing traffic or compromising safety. Parking suspensions.

You may not park:

  • in a suspended parking bay
  • at your normal place of residence or other locations whilst not at work or volunteering
  • on a double yellow line
  • where loading and unloading restrictions (kerb markings) are in operation
  • zig zag lines at a pedestrian crossing
  • keep clear markings outside a school, a hospital or fire, police or ambulance station
  • adjacent to dropped kerbs
  • in a bus stop
  • in a disabled bay on-street or in a car park
  • in an ambulance bay
  • in an electric vehicles bay