Chipping Barnet (June 2013)

The Chipping Barnet Town Centre Strategy goes beyond the adopted Spires Planning Framework  in focusing on the wider issues facing the town centre including:

  • Improving the mix of land uses, primarily for shops (at ground floor level) but also residential, leisure, employment and community uses.
  • Improving public transport and pedestrian and cycle connections.
  • Improving quality of buildings and public spaces.
  • Promoting a safer and more secure environment.
  • Creating a clear role for the town centre in respect of planned growth elsewhere such as at Brent Cross.

The Strategy provides a framework to protect what is best about Chipping Barnet, setting parameters for high quality expansion of the town centre. It helps to guide and manage future development and change, promote improvements to ensure the town centre's long term vitality and viability and is a material planning consideration in the determination of future planning applications within the town centre.