Planning and trees

Protected trees

Trees are protected in one of two ways, either by having a Tree Preservation Order (PDF 92KB) (TPO) or if the trees are within a conservation area.

You will need our permission before you do any work to a TPO tree.

You will need to give us written notice, six weeks ahead of work on trees in conservation areas.

It is a criminal offence to carry out work to protected tree(s) without the necessary permission.

Apply for permission and give notice for work on trees

TPO tree work application form (PDF 335KB) this form can also be used to give Notice of Intent for work to tree(s) in a Conservation Area:

Tree work application form guidance notes (PDF 193KB)

To check whether trees are protected email us with details of the location and type of trees.

Costs of supplementary planning and trees


If you think your property has suffered subsidence damage you should contact your home insurance company first. They will find out the cause of the movement and collect the required evidence.

These investigations can take a long time. Particularly if engineers believe that the tree is the cause of the reported damage.

Government guidance requires this evidence to support any tree work application that your home insurance company will make to trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

Tree work application form guidance notes (PDF 193KB)

Your data and privacy

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