Brown food waste bin

The brown bin food waste service has been suspended from 4 November 2018

Please be aware brown food waste bin collection are currently not taking place as of 4 November 2018. Your last separate food waste collection until further notice, took place on your normal food waste collection day on the week commencing 29 October 2018.

All food waste should be placed in your black refuse bin until further notice.

We are currently reviewing how to deliver the recycling and waste services so that it is both economically and environmentally beneficial. We will then look to reintroduce the separate food waste collection service to a timescale which meets the requirements of the London Environment Strategy.

We are advising residents to clean and store their food waste bin and caddy for future use.

The status of separate food waste service was discussed at the Environment Committee meetings of 5 June and 13 September, read the relevant documents here

There is advice on home composting and wormeries including discounted bins and getting started as well as ways to reduce your food waste, saving up to £70 a month.

We thank you for your participation in this service.