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Report graffiti at report a problem

Public land

All racist and offensive graffiti found or reported in Barnet is removed within 24 hours by our dedicated graffiti removal team. The team is armed with specialist and high pressure cleaning equipment.

Private land

We also offer a graffiti removal service for private property. Please contact us on 020 8359 4600 for a quote.

Contact us for advice on preventative measures, or to tell us about an act of vandalism. Let us know the exact location and a council officer will inspect and assess the site.

Private street furniture

The council works with the owners of private street furniture but you can report graffiti to them directly:

  • BT phone boxes Tel: 0800 661 610
  • BT street cabinets Tel: 0800 800 157
  • Virgin street cabinets Tel: 0845 454 0000
  • Bus shelters (JC Decaux) Tel: 020 8326 7760
  • Bus shelters (ADSHEL) Tel: 0800 731 3699
  • Network Rail Tel: 0845 771 4141
  • Electricity Infrastructure Tel: 0800 783 8838
  • Post Office Tel: 0845 774 0740

Note that calls to a 0845 number are made up of two parts: an access charge and a service charge. The service charge to an 0845 number is an additional cost of up to 7p per minute.

Our policy on graffiti

Barnet spends £100,000 a year on removing graffiti and taking measures to prevent it happening in the first place. It's been found the best way to prevent vandalism of this type is to remove the graffiti as quickly as possible.

Graffiti is an offence under the Criminal Damage Act 1971 and the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003, and anyone caught in the act will be prosecuted and could face a fine or imprisonment.

If you witness any type of vandalism taking place, dial 999.

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