Customer service standards

Customer Care Charter: our promise to you

Barnet Council is committed to giving you outstanding customer service whenever and however you choose to contact us. We have standards in place which we monitor to make sure that this happens. We also check with our customers that our standards are the right ones, and we improve them if necessary.

We strive to be an organisation that is:

  • friendly, fair, patient and professional at all times
  • listening, sympathetic and human
  • easy to reach and do business with
  • accurate and clear about what we can and can’t deliver.

We will:

  • give you a range of ways to contact us so that you can do so at your convenience
  • strive to get things right first time, so you don’t have to follow us up
  • identify ourselves, so that you always know who you are dealing with and what department we work in
  • do our best to deal fully with your query there and then
  • deal with your query promptly and keep you informed if there is any delay
  • do our best to explain our decisions clearly, especially when we are not able to give you what you are asking for
  • make realistic promises and keep them
  • respect your right to privacy, confidentiality and safety
  • listen to your comments and learn from feedback
  • apologise when we get things wrong and put it right
  • treat you with respect and expect the same courtesy from you.

In the future

You are probably aware that public services are currently under a great deal of financial pressure and resources are getting scarcer. The council has to change the way we do things and we need your help.

By using our website to answer your queries and get things done, you can make a big difference. We are committed to helping you find out what can be done online and how to do it. We know this won’t be possible for everyone, or for all queries, so we will maintain traditional helplines to meet your needs.

We will also need to be clear about the services we can and can’t provide; there may be times when other organisations will be better placed to meet your needs.


Please tell us if our service falls short of our promise to you.