Parking privacy notice

The council’s parking team is responsible for regulating parking in the borough.  We have a statutory duty to manage the road network to keep traffic moving and reduce congestion.  Our aims are to:

  • Keep traffic moving
  • Make roads safer
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Ensure as much as possible that there are adequate parking places available on the high street and
  • That residents can park as near as possible to their homes

We issue permits and permissions for parking, patrol parking restrictions, monitor bus lanes, yellow boxes and other moving traffic contraventions, including school keep clear markings. This includes running and monitoring CCTV cameras. We issue and handle appeals against penalty charge notices.

Information collected

  • Vehicle Registration Mark
  • Vehicle details
  • Name 
  • Address and contact details (telephone numbers, email addresses)
  • Date of Birth (where this is supplied unsolicited by an individual, or, as part of a car hire agreement)
  • Financial information (credit card payment details)
  • Photographic & video/CCTV images
  • Health information in relation to complaints and appeals, and Blue Badge applications
  • Records of criminal convictions or prosecutions

 Who we share the information with: 

  • DVLA 
  • Police 
  • Judicial Agencies eg Courts 
  • Legal representatives 
  • Council services
  • Our contractors
  • Government departments (such as the Cabinet Office’s National Fraud Initiative)

Legislation that applies:

  • Traffic Management Act 2004
  • Road Traffic Act 1988 and Motor Vehicles (Driving Licenses) (Amendment) Regulations 2014
  • Transport for London 2016
  • The Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) Representation and Appeals Regulations 2007
  • London Local Authority Act 2012
  • Health and Social Care Act 2012
  • Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984
  • Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016

How long we keep the information for:

We are required to keep data relating to cases for up to six years.