Register a death

COVID-19 impact on this service

To register a death complete the following steps:

1. Organise for the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) to be sent to us by email to from the doctor who has completed the certificate.

We can only accept scans from Hospitals, Doctor's Surgeries and Doctors using their secure email addresses.

2. Call us on 020 8359 6400, option 1. Our Contact Centre will arrange for one of our Registrars to call you back and complete the registration.

At this time, we will be emailing you a copy of the Certificate for Burial or Cremation 'Green', which will enable you to go ahead with the funeral. This is in line with national guidance and subsequent death certificates are not being issued as a priority.

We do understand that in some circumstances certificates need to be issued urgently. If you feel there is an exceptional circumstance, such as needing a certificate for a funeral abroad or to access funeral funds call us on 020 8359 6400.

Out of hours for same day burials and cremations

A registrar will be available Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 11am for same day burials and cremations only. Please call 020 8359 2000  

How to register a death

You should register a death within 5 days from when the person has died and it should be with the register office in the area where they died. 

To register a death in Barnet you must book an appointment with Barnet Register Office at Hendon Town Hall.

If you or anyone from your household have any symptoms of COVID-19, have tested positive or are quarantining, please do not attend an appointment at Hendon Town Hall.

If you can't book an appointment, you can register the death at your nearest office. This is called a death declaration.

The documents will be sent to the office in the area where the person died before they are sent to you. 

Registering a death during the bank holiday

On bank holidays, a registrar is on call from 9am to 10am for same day burials and cremations.

Please call 020 8359 2000 between 9am and 10am.

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